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Tswana people are Bantu-speaking people including all the Tswana clans, decending as far as Egypt and East Africa, residing in Southern Africa. Batswana regardless of linguistic or ethnic origin, belong to eight major Sotho-Tswana clans Barolong, Bahurutshi, Bakwena, Bakgatla, Bangwato, Bakgalagadi, Baphiring, and Bafokeng.

Ancient Egyptian words Ra, Re, Ptah, Ta, Pa, Se largely resonate in a Tswana language for word FATHER and sometimes used to endow respect to men of dignity and Deities.

The word for father in the Southern-Sotho-Tswana-Bantu language is given as Ra, re, rarae and even rara.South Africans that speak a standardized dialect of the Sotho-Tswana called Setswana are sometimes also referred to as the Western Sotho.


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